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Spirit Technique offering cheerleading in Cordov, TN. No experience required.
Spirit Techniqe | Cordova TN | Cheerleading


If your child loves to dance, tumble and perform our cheerleading program is a great fit for them. Our athletes build confidence, determination and curiosity while having fun and making friends.

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Spirit Technique's competitive cheerleading program is perfect for athletes who would like to experience competitive cheerleading. Athlete's learn a competitive routine that they perform at competitions. Routines include a variety of elements. Team members will be trained on skills throughout the year to maximize their performance of choreographed routines.

Athletes learn a competitive routine an have the opportunity to participate in performance activities. Spirit Technique offers no-travel and travel teams. 
All Star Cheer, Novice and Prep programs are open to ages 5-12. 

Help your child build confidenc through cordova cheerleading

Cheer 101

Not interested in competing, Cheer 101 is an introductory. It focuses on teaching the fundamental skills of cheerleading (motions, jumps, tumbling and building). Skills will be showcased in cheers, cheer-dances, and routines taught during the class. Perfect for beginners, no skills are required. 

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