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Building Confidence

One of my favorite parts of coaching is building confidence. To be honest Spirit Technique is in the business of building confidence through cheer, gymnastics and ninja classes.

Looking at this picture you see three beautiful confident children. But the reality is that they don't start at that way, and confidence in one thing doesn't transfer to everything else. So how do we make it so that our children's confidence grow. We give them practice.

To help your child build their confidence we recommend breaking down things they find challenging into smaller pieces and celebrating even the smallest accomplishments. What exactly does that look like? Check out the image below.

That doesn't tell you much so lets look at a few examples


Set Goal: Learn a cartwheel

Breakdown goal:

  • Lunge

  • Hop

  • Handstand

Small Celebration

  • Lunge: Celebrate each part of the lunge being mastered (Arms, Legs, Toes, etc)

  • Hop: Celebrate low, medium and high

  • Handstand: Celebrate belly against the wall, lunging to back against the wall, handstand off the wall

Big Celebration

  • Cartwheel

Each step gives your child proof that they can reach their goal. Once they have learned a cartwheel they know they can learn a roundoff. Once they have a back bend they have more confidence in doing a walkover.

See the thing about confidence is the more consistent you are at practicing the more consistent the believe becomes they easier it is to step up to those future challenges.

How do you support your child in developing their confidence?



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