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Everything You Need to Know About Spirit Technique

It Takes a Village

Think about the people in your life, past and present, who have contributed to the person you are today. Your family, a coach, teacher or even friends. How have they helped to shape the person you are today. Spirit Technique believes it takes a village to raise a child. That as community members our judge is to support families, by re-enforcing the confidence they are developing within their child.

“Helped to shape the person you are today”

Spirit Technique's Core Values

Through our core values your child will develop confidence, curiosity and problem solving skills through cheer, gymnastics, ninja and cheerleading in Cordova, TN or virtually. They will also develop their character. When you send your child out in to the world you send them out knowing that they are a gift to the world capable of amazing things. Our core values to

Respects Everyone

Consistent Development

When one wins, everyone wins

FUN should be part of everything

These skills enable your child to celebrate others, develop determination, and enjoy the progress of learning new skills.

When one wins, Everyone wins

As members of a village children, parents, and community members gain the support to ensure that the world we live in is full of amazing people. It allows use to celebrate each other, and support each other. Though every child who participates in gymnastics, ninja and cheerleading in Cordova, TN may not continue throughout their school experience the lessons that they learn will help them navagate throughout a lifetime.

To learn more about Spirit Technique's programs . Don't forget to check out our New Member Special.



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