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WOTM: Consistent

To really paint a picture of this month’s focus word, CONSISTENT, let me tell you about one of our most consistent athletes.

Nicaria has been tumbling with Spirit Technique for almost four years. When she started, she struggled to breath and hold a bridge at the same time. No seriously she could only do one, or the other. Over four years she has gained a number of skills:

  • Bridge

  • Cartwheel

  • Handstand

  • Roundoff

  • Back & Front walkover

  • Forward roll

  • Front & Back Handspring

  • Punch Front and

  • various tumbling passes

This was possible because of Nicaria being consistent. I could probably count on one hand how many sessions Nicaria has cancelled over the past four years. No matter what it takes Nicaria's family is consistent with making sure she attends tumbling sessions. Regardless, if she is tired from volleyball, track or dance she shows up. Whether it is hot, cold, raining or even snowing she shows up. Being consistent allows Nicaria to build upon her drills and exercises to learn her skills. It aids her in developing the mental and physical muscles needed to tumble safely.

What does it take to be consistent?

(1) Planning: Nicaria typically schedules her sessions the same day of the week, at the same time. This makes it easy for her and her family to form a rhythm of when her session is, making it less likely that they will forget.

(2) Communication: The times that Nicaria is unable to make her session, mom messages me ASAP. This allows me to provide Nicaria with homework. Why? Well I assign homework to ensure that she is able to maintain the skills that she has gain. So that when she does come back for her next session she has not lost any skills.

(3) Work: When Nicaria is in class she works. There are times when I will say last time, and after she performs it she will ask to redo it because she feels that it wasn't her best. In addition, even when she isn't in love with a skill, backwards rolls or handstands, she understands the importance of doing them, and puts in the work to master them.

Being consistent in attendance, commitment, work ethic, and energy is vital to the development of your child's skills. The consistency allows them to fall in love with the program and understand how their body works when performing skills.

It's this commitment that provides athletes the opportunity to build confidence, curiosity and curiosity through fun, friendship and fitness.

We would love for your child to start gymnastics in Cordova TN, to join the Spirit Technique Family and to build confidence, determine and curiosity. To learn more visit .



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