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Gymnastics | Ninja | Trampoline

Step 1: Choose a Program


Busy Bees

Busy Bees is for children 18 months to 36 months and their favorite adult. Busy bees are ready to venture out and learn tumbling and creative movement. During class, they will have the opportunity to develop physical awareness, work on coordination, balance, and listening skills with music and movement exploration.

Preschool Gymnastics Ninja Programs

Technique Tots

For our 3-6 years old preschoolers, Technique Tots is an independent learning class that includes thematic lesson plans to encourage and permit creative growth and development while building strength, and self-confidence. Tots will learn their beginner gymnastics skills (tuck roll, straddle roll, handstand and cartwheels). 

GOglesby on Trampoline.png

Trampoline Tots

Trampoline Tots is for 4 to 6 years old preschoolers who love bouncing, hopping and flying in the air. Focus is placed on safe landings, gymnastics body shapes, and of course bouncing.

Ninjas- Thursday FY21Q1.jpg

Lil' Ninjas

Lil' Ninja is for boys and girls, 4 to 6 years old looking to test their strength and agility through obstacle courses, climbing challenges, gymnastics skills and various training techniques.

Step 2: Get the Preschool Class Schedule

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