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How to do a Forward Roll (Part 3)

Safety first. In Part 1, we focused on understanding having our head downward, and weight transition. In Part 2, we will focus on pushing off of the ground. In Part 3, we will focus on standing up from our roll.

Four Drills to help your athlete learn the push off for a forward roll

  1. Roll to Pike

  2. Rock and Roll

  3. Rebound (bunny hop) from sitting

  4. Roll, stand up on lower surface

Roll to Pike. The bear walk drill helps with the development of back, shoulder, wrist flexibility, body coordination and body control.

  • Start in bear stance

  • Move left hand forward

  • Move right foot forward

  • Move right hand forward

  • Move left foot forward

  • Legs should be kept straight

  • Keep body in triangle shape

  • Push off of tippy toe

Rock and Roll. The bear hop hip flexor range, core strength, and coordination.

  • Start in bear stance

  • Move left hand forward, lift right foot

  • Hop to right foot, move right hand forward

  • Hop to left foot, move left hand forward

  • Repeat

Rebound (aka Bunny Hop) from sitting. The donkey kick gymnastics drill aids in learning to push off toes to an inverted push, balance wait, , vertical hop drill will help with pushing off toes, improve shoulder strength, and how weight shifts during tumbling. It will also help athlete practice holding tucked position

  • Start: Standing with feet together

  • Squat

  • Place hands (fingers and palms flat) on ground, shoulder width apart, slightly in front of shelf

  • Lean forward, put weight in hands

  • Pushing off kick both feet up

  • Note: Start with low kick

Roll, stand up on lower surface. The bear stance, elevated feet push up drill will help with shoulder strength, the tucked position, and coordination. Should be able to do a normal push up, and bear stance push ups on flat surface before elevating feet. Elevating feet will increase the amount of weight in back, shoulders, arms and wrist.

A Special Thank you to

@maddisynrae and Mom for their support in demonstrating each drill.

Without the demonstrations this post would not be possible.

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